Welcome to my blog. Glad you have found me! Here you will find some random musings from me, an IT professional from the UK. I am a self confessed geek and I love all things technological! Here I blog about topics I encounter in my professional and personal life.

The main topic areas on this blog are: free-to-air television (Freeview, Freesat and Generic Satellite), Consumer Technology (mainly Apple, home entertainment and home automation) and ITIL, Capacity Management, Monitoring and software. Sometimes I may cross into my personal life, I am a big Classic Sci-Fi and Horror fan, regularly watching classic shows such as Dr Who, Blakes 7, Moonbase Alpha to name a few as well as being a keen cinema goer and huge Stephen King fan.

In my professional life, I work as a Service Operations Manager for a large (650+ staff) software development company in Manchester. Working in the Service Management Leadership Team, reporting to the Head of Service Management, I have oversight of the ITIL functions and the ITSM tools within the organisation.

I have worked in IT for over 12 years since graduating with my degree in Network & Communication Systems. I have worked in companies who provide software for the Police, NHS and MOD as well as for one of the largest manufacturing companies in world. In a number of roles including network engineering, IT Systems Administration, ITIL Incident Management, Change Management, Service Delivery Management and most recently Capacity Management.

In my personal life, I am the dad to a cheeky five year old and been married to my long suffering wife for 7 years now. When not in work I can often be seen in the pub, museums, motor race track and frequently with my family at the zoo.