Tapo by TP-Link

Anyone who knows me, knows I am a huge fan of home automation. I have many Amazon Alexa devices ranging from Echo Dots, Echo Flex though to Echo Spots along with Hive Heating and Ring Doorbells and wireless cameras.

When I first embarked on the home automation bandwagon, I purchased a number of Belkin WeMo devices, however as the years have gone on, they have proven to be costly (costing over £50 each), unreliable (regularly disconnecting and requiring being setup again) and not a great experience going though the set up each time.

So I was on the market for a cost effective, but easy to use solution, as replacing 10 home plugs could be rather costly. This is when I stumbled across the taco plugs by TP-Link.

Tapo Home Plug

When I purchased my 1st Taco plug for £12.99 I was over the moon. I wasn’t holding out much hope for the price, however I have used TP-Link networking devices before and found them to have good customer service and quality products for a budget price, so decided to give them ago.

I have since replace every WeMo smart with a Tapo and have managed to get them for as little as £8.99 on Black Friday deals on Amazon.

What I really love about these devices is that they just work, setup is really easy. Download the app and click on add device. The devices are bluetooth and can be set up in a few minutes.

The app scans for the plug using bluetooth and once it finds it, you simply enter your WiFi details (one need to do this once and then it remembers your WiFi credentials), give it a name, update the firmware and of you go the plug is in the app ready for you to turn on from anywhere in the world.

Setting the plugs up to use Alexa is equally as easy, simply go into the Alexa app and add the Tapo skill, sign into your Tapo account and off you go you can now ask Alexa to turn on or off plugs or set scenes to control multiple devices.

I would highly recommend these cheap and reliable devices, so easy my Dad can use them!