X-Rocker Esport Pro Stereo Audio Gaming Chair with Subwoofer

I purchased this chair as part of the transformation of the spare bed room into the “Man Cave”. For £149.99 it felt like a good entry price for someone who is an occasional gamer, like myself.

While the name of the chair is “Esport Pro” it doesn’t feel like a chair a pro gamer would use. Or maybe they would, but without the audio / speaker system as that is what lets this chair down.

Set up is really easy, almost plug and play. The base simply bolts to the bottom of the chair using the supplied bolts and the supplied Allen key. The main shaft then simply connects to the base, connect the wires and away we go. It was done in around 5 minutes.

Now I should add at this point I have only used the setup one way for audio and that is:

  • Audio cable from my Playstation 4 Controller into the chair
  • Changing the audio output in the PS4 quick menu to “All audio through controller”

When the audio is coming through to the chair system, you get the feeling of immersion and like the action is happening around you. I would love to be able to get sound out of the TV and from the chair as this would be great (that is a PS4 config thing rather than something to do with the chair), the bit that lets it down is that the volume isn’t great. Its been cranked up to max on the PS4 and using the controller on the chair, but its still a bit on the quiet side for my liking.

Now this could be a PS4 issue and I am yet to try running the audio cable from the TV to the chair, mainly for fear of pulling it and pulling my new Samsung TV off the stand. The chair requires power and this plugs in to the side along with the audio cable. This has a quick release feature incase you spin around, a full 360, you shouldn’t break anything. There doesn’t appear to be the same mechanism for the audio, but that isn’t an issue if you are doing controller to chair like me.

Over all the chair feels well built and it is comfortable to sit in and I would recommend it, however I would say it might be worth shelling out the extra few pounds and getting the one with bluetooth connectivity.