Apple Watch Series 3

I’ve had enough with this device. So I’m turning my frustration into a blog review. I should say that I am a bit of an Apple fan boy, I’ve got many Apple devices and love the largely trouble free setup and use through out the life of a device.

I purchased an original Apple iWatch when they were released way back when and never had an issues with the device. It is battered and bruised and therefore I decided to upgrade. My wife now has my original device and it is still in perfect working order.

After reviewing the offerings from Apple it was a decision between the Series 6 and the Series 3. I wanted a bigger face so again a decision between 44mm or 42mm respectively.

When it came down to functionality, I only wanted to replicate what I had on my original iWatch so as I didn’t want nor need cellular, ECG and all these other fancy features went for the series 3.

The S3 watch started off ok and replaced the original no problem, then last August among the second national lockdown we decided to get more healthy and get a dog. I started to use the watch to track how many KM each day I have been walking with the pooch.

Here is where the poor design kicks in. Tonight alone I started my watch off tracking an “outdoor walk” on the activity app. 3 times the watch decided to either automatically pause or end. Before people start getting all defensive telling me I need to adjust my settings, I have switched off using the Digital Crown to pause workouts. I have tried the watch in multiple orientations and on different wrists and still no joy!

Then it dawned on me, I never have this issue doing exercise where I have a t-shirt on. It is only when I am walking, in the cold, dark nights or freezing early morning and I have a coat on! Surely not! Surely it cannot be that the sleeve of my coat is causing the device to think the screen is being touched…

I’ve not proved definitely if this is the case, all I know is like tonight I have had to restart the workout 3 times and it has lost a lot of data because something has paused or ended the workout. The only way of stopping this from happening is to put the watch into “Water Mode” so everything is locked.

This really frustrates me and I expect better from an Apple device. A quick google of the issue and there are 100s of people complaining of the same issue. So I can only put it down to poor design.

Therefore I don’t think I can recommend the Apple Watch S3. I’d say go for a S6 in the hope that you get a better experience or indeed go for one of the many other (cheaper) fitness devices on the market!