Secret Lab Titan XL Gaming Chair

In light of home working becoming the new norm, me not going back to the office until September at the earliest and my work considering allowing us to WFH permanently, it seemed sensible to invest in a decent chair. After hearing a lot of good things from a friend of mine about Secret Labs. I decided to stump up £399, for the most expensive chair I have ever purchased.

I plumed for the XL chair given I am 6ft 4 and heavy set. Fed up with cheaper chairs failing and getting a sinking feeling after siting down, it was good to see a design that is based on the users height and weight. The chair itself is a beast and weighs a tonne (well 77 lbs according to Secret Lab).

Secret Labs don’t have their chairs in stock all the time and you have to go onto a waiting list, presumably while the make more, I was lucky enough to secure stock with out having to go on the waiting list. Their website says that they aim to dispatch the next day, however for me I ordered late Wednesday night and it didn’t arrive until the following Wednesday. This is frustrating and hardly in keeping with the primum price tag. I did email to see why my order was and while I got a fast and courteous reply, it was basically, you will get it when you get it. What made it worse is DHL, who they use to deliver told me the item wouldn’t be here until the Thursday and then randomly text to say actually it would be the Wednesday, great because I got it a day early, bad if you were needing to take time off for delivery. The whole process just felt cumbersome wasn’t a great experience.

The box that the chair comes in is massive and is heavy. It was a struggle for me to get it upstairs and setup by myself, they recommend having someone to help and I think I would agree, although it isn’t impossible to do it yourself. The chair is well protected in the box, each part is individually wrapped in bubble wrap, plastic or foam. The inner lid of the box contains detailed step by step instructions and there are links to videos in the order confirmation and via a QR code on the box.

The chair is relatively easy to put together and the box has everything you need (e.g. a screwdriver and Alan key). The only fiddley part is having to slide the back rest into the seat. The bracket is in a particular position and there are several warnings not to move it while getting it out the box. Once slotted in and secured with screws, you align the other side and basically connect it to the casters / assembly.

To be honest it is the most comfortable chair that I have ever owned. After about 5 minutes of adjusting it to how I wanted it, it feels like I’ve sat in it for years. The lumbar support is excellent, the chair feels sturdy and like it is built to last and the head pillow provides an extra level of comfort.

Interestingly Secret Labs offer 3 year warranty, which is excellent, but they will extend this if you share a post on social media with a specific hashtag and then fill in a form with the link to the post. I’ve duly done this and am waiting for “approval” for the extra warranty.

Overall, if you need a comfortable chair and can afford to splash out, it is well worth it. After all, as my dad says, “buy cheap, pay twice.” – this has certainly been my experience with offices chairs up to now.